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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

How much time and work did you put into your home? Heck, you likely are still putting in the time, work, and money. A home is a perpetual work in progress, as you are constantly making repairs and maintaining. The upkeep alone is enough to drive one crazy. All this being said, this is why most people only want the best for their homes. Why put in all this work and effort, if you aren’t going to care for the home to the fullest of your abilities? Not doing will not only reduce the overall value of the home, but it could deplete it sooner than necessary. This is where bed bug mattress covers come in handy. It might not seem like, but this one little innovative product could do wonder for your family and home.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Not currently taking advantage of bed bug mattress covers? Why not just sleep with your door unlocked, better yet, sleep with it open, inviting in intruders because that’s virtually what you are doing by not taking advantage of a bed bug mattress cover. A bed bug mattress cover, in its simplest form, is a product that protects your mattress from bed bugs. The mattress is the go-to residence for a bed bug, hence their name. This is because it is a location that is not only safe but provides tons of safe hiding spots while also giving them quick access to their food sources. Bed bugs feed on humans at night or during the day when they sleep. They feed when you are at your most vulnerable. And given that most people sleep in the bedroom on a mattress, it only makes sense for these critters to take up residence in the mattress. 90 percent of infestations reported in a home are found in the mattress or bedroom. Once again, this is where the best bed bug mattress cover can come in handy.

What Is A Bed Bug Mattress Protector

A bed bug encasement, a bed bug mattress topper, a bed bug mattress protector, or a big Ziploc bag, you’ll hear these products referred to by various names, but they all serve one general purpose. They protect you, your home, your family, and your mattress from bed bugs. How do they do this? Well, think of a Ziploc sandwich bag. Think of how it protects your sandwich and food. It encases the products and seals them inside, blocking them away from bacteria and other unwanted germs. That’s pretty much what a bed bug mattress topper does. However, it does not just block the mattress from the outside world., It also traps what’s already in the mattress. If your mattress is infested with bed bugs, the topper will trap the bugs inside, preventing them from escaping and feeding. If the bugs cannot feed, they’ll die out. Reports and studies from the University of Minnesota show that it only takes two weeks before these bugs start to die. Two weeks without blood and they’ll die. In general theory, a bed bug encasement not only protects your mattress from exposure to the outside world, but it traps in bugs that have already invaded it.

Choosing The Right Mattress Cover For Your Home

From the information above, you can likely already see how important these products are. It isn’t any longer a question of why do you need a bed bug mattress topper. It now becomes a question of how do I choose the best bed bug mattress topper. Well, just like most products available today, there are tons of different variations of these toppers available, meaning you’ll have more than just a few to browse through when making a selection. This can be the search all the more difficult, and why it is crucial to know the qualities that make the best encasement.

Is It A Full Product?

Does it fully encase the mattress? If it doesn’t, it’s useless and there will be no sense in buying it. The best mattress topper for your mattress will fully encase the mattress. Just like the best Ziploc bag fully encases your sandwich.

How Does It Seal?

Just because an encasement fully encapsulates your mattress, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found the best one. Most mattress toppers available today come with a wide range of zipper systems that allow you to fully seal the mattress. Some not only include zippers, but they include strips and close over once the zipper is zipped, adding an extra layer of sealant. Whatever the situation, the best mattress topper will securely seal your mattress inside, preventing bed bugs from escaping and new ones from invading, Look for metal zipper systems with reinforced seams and seals. These usually ensure the type of sealing system.

Has The Product Been Tested?

How many things have looked good on paper, but failed when put to the true test? Unfortunately, too many! Mattress toppers are no different. And, this is just the perfect example of why the product you choose must be verified in the field. You want a product that has extensively been tested in real-life settings.

What Extra Chemicals Were Used?

Pesticides have been used over and over in the pest industry and they will likely continue to be used extensively. This is because they are not only effective, but they are a cheaper means of treatment. While this might be the case, it doesn’t always necessarily mean they are safe. In the right environment, under the right circumstances, these chemicals can be dangerous. Especially when children or pets are involved. This is why it is usually best to choose a mattress topper that doesn’t utilize additional pesticides. You have to remember that you’ll likely be sleeping with the product installed in place, so you’ll want a safer alternative.

Do Bed Bug Toppers Really Work?

People may say whatever they want about bed bug toppers, but when all said and done, these are effective products. Does it mean they’ll prevent future infestations? Does it mean they’ll completely rid your home of bed bugs? Unfortunately, no! While they are effective products, they are best utilized in conjunction with other bed bugs treatment solutions. Not only this, but it only takes one minor defect and these products are rendered useless. One small rip, one minor tear, or a slight defect will render the product useless because the bugs will be able to escape, feed, and return to the mattress. If the product is installed improperly, it will render the product useless. This is why it is not only best to utilize bed bug toppers with other treatment solutions, but to turn to professional pest management solutions. A professional pest management firm will help provide you will a whole slew of treatment options that’ll help you eradicate bed bugs.

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