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Professional Box Elder Bug “Boxelder Bug” Pest Control San Antonio TX

Box elder bugs colonize to ensure the longevity of the species. Basically, when you see when box elder bug, you see an entire slew of them. Why? Well, it has to do with Mother Nature. Insect colonization is a safety net that provides “social” insects from extinction. While San Antonio, Texas is known for its mild winters, some US states are known for their harsh winters. A few examples, Minnesota, North Dakota, Alaska, Michigan, Maine, Colorado, and Vermont, all of which experience miserable winters from one season to the next.

Box elder bugs colonize nearly every aspect of life. They colonize when feeding, they colonize during home infiltration attempts, they colonize when fending off predatory animals – chipmunks, chickens, and rats.

How Do I Know If My San Antonio Property Is Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

Simple, just thoroughly inspect the perimeter around your home. Box elder bugs generally begin to make their presence in the late fall just before winter is set to kick in. Why do box elder bugs arrive in San Antonio neighborhoods in the late fall? This is when the insects begin preparing for overwintering, a process that allows insects to fall into a deep sleep, eliminating the need to forage for food, breed, and build nests in the winter.

Overwintering plays a major role in the life of a box elder bug. It protects the species from extinction, due to winter element exposure.

How Do I Eliminate My Box Elder Bug Problem Once And For All?

Professional extermination is the only solution for long-term box elder bug management. Professional pest control allows exterminators and the locals to better control the box elder bug and other insect population. Without proper management of pests and rodents, the population would grow out of hand.

Our professional box elder bug management includes visual inspections, traps, and pesticides. We firmly believe the box elder bug population in San Antonio would be uncontrollable if we did not routinely implement our pest control.

Will Over-The-Counter Pesticides Fight Against Box Elder Bug Over-Population?

They can when utilized by consumers who know the risks, downsides, and outcome possibilities. Over-the-counter pesticides are designed to give San Antonio consumers an option besides professional pest control. Yes, professional pest control can be expensive. But, implemented properly, it can actually save consumers a bit of money. How is this possible? Well, when you consider it requires multiple trips to the store for OTC pesticides, it is possible to save money with professional extermination. Professional pest control requires a minimum of two industrial-strength pesticide treatments to wipe out box elder bugs, in most cases.

Does Industrial-Strength Pesticide Contain Environmentally-Unfriendly Chemicals?

There is a broad range of pesticides, all of which utilize unique formulas. For example, organic pesticide utilizes an environmentally-friendly formula that eliminates the risk of toxic chemical exposure. Chemical pesticide, on the other hand, consists of environmentally unfriendly ingredients that pose a risk to the environment, humans, and animals.

It is possible to implement a chemical-based pest control strategy, with minimal risk to the environment and all living creatures. To do this, you must be experienced in pesticide box elder bug management and know the risks.

How Do I Schedule A Free Box Elder Bug Management Consultation In San Antonio?

We believe in making each step of our professional pest management service simple to eliminate any confusion later on down the road. We offer several customer support contact options – email, social media, and landline. If your schedule is hectic, leaving you minimal time for a one-on-one call with our support team, by all means, utilize our email contact.

Our service request process takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete, during the off-season for box elder bugs. During the peak season, the demand for professional pest control is maxed out on most days. So, bear with us, we will get to your service request as soon as possible.

How Do I Box Elder Bug-Proof My Home Before The Next Peak Season?

We always encourage our customers to get involved in our professional pest management process right from the get-go. What we mean by getting involved is partaking in tasks that the client has the authorization to do. For example, the client can take on the tasks of repairing and improving the impacted home’s pest barriers – doors, windows, interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, subfloors, and roofing systems.

Updating the aforementioned structural components is an important part of the pest control process. By updating, we mean making any necessary repairs to keep box elder bugs from accessing in the future. We suggest a waterproof sealant and custom-to-fit metal sheeting or plywood for large openings around plumbing and electrical lines.

  • Maintain maple, ash, box elder, and other tree species that attract box elder bugs
  • Routinely vacuum problem areas around windows and doors
  • Never crush box elder bugs to avoid the foul-smelling pyridine secretion odor
  • Set up adhesive glue traps around entranceways
  • Never leave doors and windows open in the late fall and early spring

Remember, our San Antonio extermination team is here to assist in your time of need. We understand you have some apprehension about hiring licensed exterminators to oversee your box elder bug infiltration. But, we can put your mind to ease with a free one-on-one consultation with one of our box elder bug experts.

We believe our pricing is fair because it competes with our top extermination companies in Texas.

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