Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

You’ll hear and see a lot of varying information and facts about bed bugs these days. Given how popular they’ve become over the past few years, these bugs have become more and more of a discussion. People are looking for information as to how to deal with an infestation, how to prevent them from entering the home, and what makes them enter the home. All things considered, it’s easy to see why there is so much talk surrounding bed bugs. That being said, you’ll see a lot of varying information out there. Out of all this, you’ll likely see similar concepts and information. One thing you’ll see over and over again is, bed bugs are cryptic pests.

This is because they are! With their quick wits and ability to hide among your everyday surroundings, these bugs can be a real nuisance remove from the home. If you want to remove them or even determine if you are dealing with an infestation, you almost have to know exactly where to look.

Common Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

Regardless of the age, layout, or design of your building or home, bugs will gravitate towards specific locations. This is because all bugs possess the need and want to be near their hosts. Learning the locations could help with the success of finding and eliminating your infestation.

Box Springs And Mattresses

With the name bed bugs, is it a surprise that bed bugs would choose to take up residence in the mattress? Probably not, but the real question becomes, why do these bugs take up residence in my mattress or why are they called bed bugs? It comes down to the fact that they want easy, quick access to their food supply. Bed bugs feed on humans when they sleep and are attracted to expelled CO2, body heat, and kairomones. These are the things that draw bed bugs to mattresses. Combine this with the fact that you spend a third of your life sleeping, and make the entire situation all that more troubling.

Cracks And Crevices In Bed Frames

While every bed frame is unique in its own right, most will contain cracks and crevices. Unfortunately, these are just another hiding spot for bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide just about anywhere, with their ability to squeeze into the smallest of spots. This is extremely common with wood bed frames and the small spaces where the headboard and the footboard meet the side rails.


Bed bugs are going to hide in your mattresses, box springs, and bed frames, why wouldn’t they take up residence in your bedding and linens? Of course, they are going to and they will. That being said, there is one upside to this type of infestation. They are easier to detect. Bed bugs leave behind reddish-brown and dark spots on your sheets. Spotting these signs will be a surefire indication of a bed bug infestation.

Rugs And Carpets

When it comes to bed bug hiding spaces, most people would never dream that bed bugs would hide in rugs and carpets. Although similar to that of linen and bedding, most people would never dream of these critters taking up residence here. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all because these critters will live here. One of the reasons for this is because rugs and carpets are usually installed in bedrooms, giving the bugs quick and easier access to their hosts.

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

People oftentimes sleep on couches. In addition to this, couches are commonly installed in bedrooms. Whatever the situation, these are not the only reason bed bugs like couches and furniture. Bugs prefer items like couches and furniture because they are similar to beds and bed frames. They offer hundreds of little hiding spaces. Just think of all the potentials. The begs can hide under the cushions, in the padding, under the legs, in the armrests, and so on…

Places You Might Not Think To Look For Bed Bugs

The places you learned about above are just some of the more common spaces for bed bugs. Unfortunately, these are not the only viable hiding spots for the critter. Knowing these places and why the bugs hide here could be crucial to determining and eliminating an infestation.


No one wants to come home after a week-long business trip, unpack, and discover that they brought back an infestation with them. Unfortunately, this is something that’s becoming more and more common. A lot of bed bug infestations today start with travel. Any bed bug taking up residence in a hotel room can easily and quickly hitch a ride on a piece of luggage and ride it back to your home. This is why it is best to always examine your luggage and belongings after a trip. This is a practice you’ll want to learn to adapt to, even if you are staying in five-star hotels. Bed bugs do not discriminate.

Wall Decorations

The right painting can time a room together. The only problem is, the right painting can also provide the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs. Dark, damp, and well hidden, what more could the bed bug want? That’s exactly that they’ll get from those wall painting and decorations. This should make you think twice about buying used if you aren’t going to take the time to properly examine what you are buying.


Books provide the same type of environment. Dark, cold, and secures, that’s exactly what bed bugs will get from hiding in your books. The thing to remember here is, bed bugs won’t likely hide on the pages. They’ll more than likely burrow down into the spines or front and back covers.


Nightstand drawers are dark and oftentimes cluttered. Not only this but they are usually installed in bedrooms, near unsuspecting hosts. These are just a few of the reasons nightstands make the perfect hiding spots for bed bugs. Combine this with the fact that a nightstand offers hundreds of hiding spots within it, and it’s easy to understand why the common bed bug would choose to take up residence here.


What home today isn’t packed floor to ceiling with electronics? Electronics that you use daily. Well, these items are not safe from roaming bed bugs either. This might be a bit rarer, but it is entirely possible. It is probably the warmth and darkness that draw the bugs in. Especially if they are burrowing deep into the devices. Considering that these bugs can do damage to your devices, it makes this whole situation all that more troubling.

When it comes right down to it, all items located in the bedroom are susceptible. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few boxes under the bed, an iPad sitting on the nightstand, or a box of magazines in your closet, all these items are at risk of bed bug exposure. When you combine all this with the quick wits of these critters, it should be easy to see why the most widespread infestations require the assistance of trained professionals. If you want to successfully eliminate your infestation and make sure it stays gone, you’ll turn to someone experienced in such matters.