Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs are more common in San Antonio than most people think. These pests often invade residential dwellings before winter because they want to avoid the cold temperatures. In other words, stink bugs are overwintering pests. As the name implies, these bugs stink. They don’t stink at all times and only release a foul odor when they are stressed or crushed. In the United States, the first stink bug was identified in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. Since then, they’ve spread across the country and they can be found in many states.

On average, stink bugs range from half to three-quarters of an inch. They’re gray or brown and have black and white stripes on their antennas.

Reasons For Stink Bugs

As mentioned above, brown marmorated stink bugs are overwintering pests. Therefore, they will enter your home before the cold temperatures arrive. These pests tend to enter residential and commercial structures in the fall. Thanks to their small size, they can slip through small gaps and openings. Once inside, they’re going to spend the winter relaxing in your home. They will leave when the temperatures increase. During warm weather, stink bugs stay outside and consume plants, fruits, and vegetables.

How Dangerous Are Stink Bugs?

Although stink bugs are problematic, they’re not dangerous. These pests won’t create too many issues for you or your loved ones. They’re not going to nip, bite, or transmit illnesses. The primary concern is that they’re a nuisance. Suffice to say, you don’t want them crawling on you during the middle of the night. Don’t crush stink bugs because they’ll release a stinky odor. Use a vacuum to get rid of them instead.

Eliminating Stink Bugs From Your Home

It is wise to begin working to get rid of these pests immediately. Just remember that you can’t crush them because this will cause them to release a foul odor. Instead, you’ll want to use a vacuum to suck them up. Using a vacuum is the quickest and easiest way to deal with a few stink bugs in your home. However, it isn’t the only solution. Once you’ve found countless stink bugs in your home, contact our San Antonio office and we’ll get rid of them for you. We’ll develop a plan to get rid of the pests while keeping you safe.

DIY Methods

Should you consider using DIY methods to eliminate the problem? Ultimately, DIY methods are helpful but they might not fix the problem. Do-it-yourself remedies can eliminate stink bugs but they might not eliminate all of the bugs. In addition to this, we recommend considering the health risks involved. Our company offers reliable, safe techniques that can deliver long-term solutions.

Stink Bug Removal Costs

The costs of stink bug removal services are not universal. Instead, the costs always depend on several factors, including the size of the client’s residence. If we’re going to use the standard services, we’ll charge based on the size of your home. Our technician will give you a bid price before the process begins. The bid price tells you what you’ll pay, and you’ll always have the opportunity to approve or reject our bid price. We recommend shopping around until you get the best price.

Preventing Stink Bug Invasions

Our company can help you get rid of the stink bugs. You’ll also want to work diligently to keep them out. Remember that these pests are going to invade your home in late summer and fall. Therefore, you should seal the exterior walls of your home to keep them out.

When Can Your Exterminator Begin?

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