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Professional Ant Pest Control In San Antonio TX

The ant, notorious insect species, can be found living in underground tunneling networks all throughout the United States. Ants are members of the “Formicidae” family and the “Hymenoptera” order, which strangely enough consists of the ichneumon, wasp, honeybee, sawfly, carpenter bee, hornet, and yellowjacket.

Ants also fall within the insect classification “stinging insect.” While the ant bite is generally harmless, the same cannot be said about other Hymenoptera members – yellowjacket, carpenter bee, paper wasp, and hornet. These Hymenoptera species are venomous, posing health risks to people with bee sting allergies.

Ants Were Recently Detected In My Kitchen, What Can I Do?

Most ant sightings are shrugged off for one reason or another. Yes, it is easy to ignore a tiny insect that is reportedly harmless. The adult ant is only a few millimeters in length, making them very difficult to detect and ignore. Most of these witnesses are probably unaware of the ant’s need to colonize. When insect species colonize, they have a very important intention in mind. This intention is no other than long-time survival. Solitary insect species are at a higher risk of extinction than social insect species like the ant, yellowjacket, termite, and cockroach.

Once your home has been infiltration by ants, you can guarantee, the problem will only continue to escalate if left untreated. We highly suggest taking advantage of our professional pest inspection.

Do Ants Cause Food Contamination Illnesses In Humans?

Yes, ants have been linked to food- and water-borne illnesses, such as salmonella, E. coli, and Shigella. How do ants contaminate a home’s food supply? First, the food supply must be stored in vulnerable conditions, such as a supermarket and manufacturing packaging. Ants utilize their mandibles to gnaw through thin plastic bags and paperboard. However, most non-refrigerated food infiltration by ants is through tiny gaps in what is supposed to be sealed. It is unfortunate when ants infiltrate the food supply because every member of the home is at risk of developing digestive issues.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants Out Of My Kitchen?

Ants are continuously working. Whether they are fighting off enemy ants like the soldiers or repairing the underground tunneling system, ants are always working. Unlike some household pests, ants do not try to stay undetected following home infiltration. In fact, ants will continue foraging for food even when humans are present. The insects just do not fear being detected, which is unusual behavior not exhibited by most other household pests.

Since early detection is generally not an issue, it is possible to exterminate a colony of ants in two treatments of an industrial-strength pesticide. However, we highly recommend a visual inspection prior to the implementation of a custom ant management strategy. Do not hesitate to reach out to our local extermination team to learn more about our custom ant control solutions.

Is It A Good Idea To Implement A DIY Ant Treatment Before A Visual Inspection?

No, ants generally do not travel alone. In fact, as experts, we believe ants travel in small-, medium-, and large-sized colonies. While ants do not fear human detection, they are concerned about the welfare of their species. A colony of worker and winged swarmer ants are armored and ready to do whatever it takes to gather food for the queen and the young.

Just because ants travel in colonies, they can oftentimes be seen working along on countertops, dining tables, cutting boards, and stovetops. However, where there is one ant, there is generally a full colony in the nearby vicinity. For this reason, we believe the best ant control strategy is one that implements a visual home inspection right from the get-go.

Do Ant Insecticides Pose Health Risks To Humans?

Yes, but only when they are misused and mishandled. Over-the-counter conventional insecticides contain a legal volume of chemicals. When improperly administered, stored, transported, and handled, conventional insecticides pose health and environmental risks. We do not suggest implementing a do-it-yourself insecticide treatment without knowing the risks and reading the manufacturing label first.

How Do I Schedule A Home Inspection For Ants While At Work?

Most employees are not permitted to utilize their phones during their work hours. Of course, most employers are lenient about personal phone calls during emergency situations. We believe an ant infestation warrants an emergency phone call at work, regardless if you are a nurse, certified nursing assistance, heating & air conditioning technician, farmhand, educator, or retail clerk.

We have several customer support contact options, including phone calls, emails, and private social media messages. You can utilize one of these contact options to reach our customer support team. Just tell the representative what type of pest problem you are dealing with to ensure there is no confusion later on down the road.

How Do I Stop Ants From Infiltrating My Home In The Future?

It is a fact, once ants infiltrate your home, they will continue doing so until the proper intervention is implemented. Ants are overwintering pests, meaning they overwinter “hibernate” throughout the winter season. Immediately upon waking up from the overwintering state, ants become very active, repairing, erecting, reproducing, fight off enemy ants, food foraging, and infiltrating homes. If your home is already on the nearby ant colony’s radar, you can guarantee, it will only be a few weeks into summer when the first sighting will take place.

  • Seal all entry points with a waterproof sealant
  • Upgrade to a durable non-perishable food supply system
  • Develop a household waste schedule
  • Hold a family meeting to update everyone on your new ant management strategy

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