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Earwigs are “Dermaptera” species, with forceps-like cerci that are utilized for nearly every aspect of living. The cerci are utilized to fight off predatory insects, forage for food, and feed. The diet consists of smaller insects, specific plant species, sowbugs, mites, and decaying organic material. The earwig meets the criteria to be classified as a “pantry pest,” an insect species that feed on pantry food or stored product food. Anything stored in pantries is edible to earwigs.

Differentiating between the female and male earwig is generally a thorough inspection of the cerci, which has a bit more curvature in the male. Earwig sightings are rare unless you commonly frequent greenhouses, gardens, and conservatories.

How Do I Know If My Home Is Infested With Earwigs?

Earwigs are not social insects, meaning they travel and live alone. The risk of an infestation is low unless the impacted area is a home for potted plants. The only way to determine if your home has been infiltrated by earwigs is through a visual inspection.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and decades of pest control experience to achieve the best results for an earwig inspection. Since the earwig does not nest, the inspection is even more difficult.

What Is The Best Earwig Extermination Method?

Professional pest control combines visual inspections, traps, and pesticides to deliver maximum results. Again, earwigs are not known to infest residential establishments. But, when they do, you will find them hiding in basements, crawlspaces, saunas, and bathrooms. The insect is drawn to dark, damp, cool/warm, and discrete areas after infiltration.

Can DIY Pesticides Be Utilized To Exterminate Earwigs?

No, do-it-yourself pest control products are not always the best option for earwig problems. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restricts the chemical makeup of an over-the-counter pesticide. Manufacturers utilize at least 21 elements – nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, phosphor, chlorine, and others – to develop their over-the-counter pesticide formulas.

Are The Chemicals Found In Pesticides Environmental Unfriendly?

It depends on the formula. Pesticide formulas that utilize chemicals do pose some environmental risks. We are able to minimize these risks with pesticide safety courses. Our exterminators and pest control technicians are required to complete safety courses at least annually.

Our pesticide safety courses focus on new technologies and methods utilized in the industry to manage the population of various household pests, including the earwig.

How Do I Request A Free Earwig Inspection In San Antonio?

By contacting our San Antonio customer support. There are several ways San Antonio consumers can request our pest control services. Our customer support is connected to social media, email, and landline.

We need up to 48 hours to process your earwig inspection service request. The process takes slightly longer during the earwig season in San Antonio. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

How Do I Keep Earwigs Out Of My Home In The Future?

Adult earwigs overwinter, beginning in late fall or early winter and ending the following spring. Earwigs do not remain in impacted homes past spring because this is when the breeding season begins.

We highly recommend our professional earwig management to former victims.

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