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Occasional Invaders

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The occasional invader is an insect that occasionally invades residential and commercial establishments. These insects have one intention in mind when it comes to home infiltration. This intention is no other than alleviating hunger. The insects that meet the occasional invader criteria are a mixture of social and solitary species. Solitary occasional invaders live and travel alone, while social occasional invaders live and travel in colonies.

Occasional invaders are drawn to homes and businesses with vulnerable non-perishable food pantries. The species that fit the occasional invader criteria include the following:

Why Are Occasional Invaders Infiltrating My San Antonio Property?

Occasional invaders infiltrate residential and commercial properties in search of food. The diet consists of non-perishable cookies, candies, crackers, nuts, dried dog food, potato chips, and birdseed. If your non-refrigerated food is stored in vulnerable manufacturing packaging, it will be infiltrated by occasional invaders.

What Is The Best Occasional Invader Extermination Strategy?

Professional pest control is the most effective occasional invader extermination, which combines visual inspection with adhesive traps and industrial-strength pesticides. Our exterminators are fully trained to handle minor, moderate, and severe occasional invader infestations.

If you are concerned about occasional invaders, we highly recommend our professional pest management. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free inspection, consultation, and written estimate.

Should I Try Over-The-Counter Pest Control Before Calling The Experts?

Social occasional invaders have more risks for San Antonio property owners than solitary occasional invaders. The risk of an infestation is much higher when social insects are involved. We believe it is possible to control the population of these insect species with our professional pest control. Controlling the population of occasional invaders will result in fewer new infestation and infiltration cases.

Over-the-counter pesticides are not always suitable for occasional invader problems. They are definitely not suitable for occasional invader infestation. These low-potency pesticide formulas may be effective in eradicating a handful of solitary occasional invader pests.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My San Antonio Home On Appointment Day?

The exterminator will contact you prior to your appointment. The contact is an alert to keep you updated on the exterminator’s arrival. We process pest control service requests 5 days a week and some weekends to ensure the speediest response times.

Do Pesticides Treat Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Conventional pesticides do contain chemicals that pose some health risks to humans and animals. These substances are also environmentally unfriendly. With the help of the top manufacturers of pesticides in Texas and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, our exterminators can safely treat occasional invader infestation with little to no external risks.

All manufacturers operating in or importing pesticides into the United States are required to seek EPA approval in advance. The EPA pesticide approval process takes years to complete, which says a lot about the agency’s environmental protection agenda.

How Can I Protect My San Antonio Home From A Repeat Occasional Invader Infestation?

The first thing you should do is seal all entry points into your home. Entry points are openings utilized by occasional invaders to infiltrate your home. Gaps between entrance door thresholds and flooring, crawlspace vents, and weak air conditioning duct connections are occasional invader entry points.

You may not fear an occasional invader infestation when only social insects are involved. But, maybe you should because these insects draw other pest species and sometimes rodents. So, there is still a risk of an infestation when the occasional invader is a solitary species.

We also recommend transitioning from manufacturing packaging to glass or hard BPA-free plastic food storage containers.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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