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Tips For Selecting A Good Bed Bug Treatment In San Antonio

Residents of Texas need to be aware of the fact that the state has seen a reemergence of bedbugs during the past few months. These nasty little pests know no boundaries and can easily infiltrate any home. Taking precautions is a good way to decrease your chances of becoming a victim, but it is really impossible to completely negate the chances. With this in mind, it is essential to learn about the bed bug treatment options in San Antonio well in advance. Which one is right for you and your family? You’ll learn more about these treatments below, so you can come to a definite decision for yourself.


Many Texans will prefer taking matters into their own hands. Remaining in control is great and will sometime be much more cost effective. The most common DIY treatment for bed bugs is the bedbug trap. Bedbug traps are readily available and can generally be purchased directly from most big box retailers. Traps are also the most effective DIY option. However, traps are not ideal for everyone. A lot of people will not like the idea of allowing a trap to sit around their home with bedbugs crawling inside. And eventually, you will be required to carry out the unpleasant activity of disposing of the bugs.

Chemical Sprays

Alternatively, it is possible to eliminate bedbugs with the use of chemical sprays. There are over-the-counter sprays, as well as professional sprays. Obviously, professional products are much more effective, slightly more expensive, and can only be acquired by licensed bedbug exterminators. Although these techniques may prove to be effective, it is essential to look at the whole picture. Chemical sprays can emit potentially harmful elements into the air, so it will be essential to wear protective equipment. Even then, the utilization of these products come with some risks.

Using Heat

Finally, one of the newest bed bug treatment options in San Antonio is heat. Researchers have discovered that bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to immensely high temperature. This is why it is recommended that you wash your clothing after spending a night at the motel. Heat machines are utilized by the exterminator to heat up a specific room within the home. This effectively kills all of the bugs within said room. And of course, the exterminator can use several machines and repeated sessions to clean the entire home of bedbugs within a short span of time. Heat is the best choice, since it is effective and deemed to be very safe.

Where To Go From Here

Once you’ve scoured through your options, you should consider your preferences and your budget. Can you realistically afford a professional’s services? Are you sincerely capable of carrying out the treatment on your own? Are you willing to take the risks associated with chemical sprays? These are all questions that need to be answered. Once you’ve answered the questions, you will quickly discover that it is genuinely best to fork over the money and use the services of a professional exterminator. Allow them to take the risks, so you don’t have to!

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