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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Most people realize that they have been living with bed bugs for the past thousand years or so. However, most people had thought that they had the problem under control with the utilization of pesticides, heat, and steam. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is the case at all. While these treatments have proven effective over the years, bed bugs have now found a way to survive such treatments. They’ll settle deep and down into areas that are rarely touched or disturbed like cracks and crevices in bed frames or wood furniture. They’ll even get into your wardrobe or luggage. Needless to say, these critters will nestle down into spots that you’d never think to look at or wouldn’t normally look at daily. What makes the entire situation even more troubling is, cleaning and maintaining a neat home isn’t enough. Sure, this will reduce the chances of an infestation, and eliminating clutter makes spotting one a bit easier, but it isn’t all you’ll need to do. All this being said, the key to successfully eliminating bed bugs is early detection. Of course, this is much more difficult than one would imagine. Especially when the bugs are doing their part of hiding. This is why it pays to know how to draw these bugs out of hiding.

Don’t Know Where Bed Bugs Are Hiding? Force Them Out!

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is never easy. Not especially since these critters will do their part to avoid detection. Unfortunately, know all their potential hiding spaces just isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need to know how to force them into the open.
  1. You not only need to know where to look for bed bug infestations, but you need to know when to look. You have to remember, bed bugs are smart critters and even more quick-witted. They’ll adapt their habits to match that of their hosts. For instance, if you sleep during the day and work at night, they’ll adapt so they can feed while you sleep. Knowing when to look will be the place to start.
  2. Now that you know when to begin your search, you’ll be ready to get started. You’ll want to start by moving the bed away from the wall. This creates less clutter and gives bugs less shelter. Bugs that aren’t hiding in the mattress will have to venture out of their hiding space and climb up the legs of your bed to access you while you sleep. That’s the purpose of moving the bed away from the walls. It eliminates the ability to climb up walls and other objects to access the mattress.
  3. When you have the bed relocated, you’ll want to start with the simplest and easiest solution. Not only this, but it’ll likely be the most cost-effective solution as well. This is the interceptor device. It pretty much is nothing more than a dish-like device that installs under the legs of your bed. It is designed so that bugs can crawl in but they can’t crawl out. Placing it under the legs of the bed means that the bugs will have to pass through it before accessing the legs of your bed, where they’ll climb to try and feed on you.
  4. Another excellent option you have for luring out bed bugs is heat and CO2. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and CO2 and are oftentimes lured out by these natural chemicals when you sleep. This is why taking advantage of CO2 and heat treatments are so effective. They work similarly to interceptor devices. However, there are usually a few distinctive differences between these devices. They will still be installed under the legs of the bed, but they usually utilize heat or CO2 to lure the begs. Not only this, but they lure the bugs to a glue-like paper, instead of a dish-like device.

Utilizing Other Tools Available To You

When trying to lure bed bugs out of hiding, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of multiple lures or detection devices. This is oftentimes, the most effective solution. There are detection devices like the interceptor that utilize both heat and CO2 instead of one of the other. This just doubles the chances of drawing in bugs. Another thing to consider with these lures and detection devices is refills. Make sure these devices come with refillable cartridges, so you can refill them after a month or so. While these devices are excellent for detecting and even eliminating bed bugs, it is likely they will not completely clear up your problem. Eliminating your problem usually requires the assistance of a pest management professional. Just think of the pest management professional as another tool in your arsenal. Utilize as many of them as you can to eliminate your bed bug problems before they become major problems.

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