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Answering The Question, “How Did I Get A Bed Bug Infestation In San Antonio”

Bedbugs are tiny parasites that feed on human and animal blood. These insects are about the size of an apple seed, with wings. However, they do not fly which should be relief for those that have been tainted by them. Many homeowners and short-term rental property managers are surprised, when they discover bedbugs living in their establishment. Believe it or not, everyone is at risk of an infestation, so you should not take this problem personal. Learning the bedbug’s behavior and characteristics will help you prevent them from taking over your home. Below, you will discover the answer to the question, “How did I get a bed bug infestation in San Antonio.”


Frequent Travelers


Millions of people travel for business or pleasure very frequently. These individuals are at a higher risk of getting bed bugs, because they are exposed to new areas. Bed bugs will bury inside of furniture and bedding and remain there until they feed. If you travel frequently and stay in motels or resorts, you will be at a higher risk. Individuals traveling international will need to take extra precautions, because many underdeveloped and a few developed countries experience a high rate of bedbug infestation cases.


Many travelers will transport bedbugs from one place to another, without even being aware of it. Sharing sleeping quarters with others will also put you at a higher risk of being bitten by these insects.


College Students


College dorms are also harbors for bedbugs. The main reason for this is because the students are extremely busy with their studies. Many students will be coming in and out of these establishments, making it extremely difficult to monitor everyone’s behavior. Crowded living quarters are definitely going to be the best place to pick up bedbugs. If you have teenage children that attend college, you should inspect their luggage and other items, before taking them inside your home. Toss the clothing and bedding in the dryer and preset the temperature on the highest setting.


Overnight Bags


If you stay in an establishment and wake up the next morning with bug bites on your body, you should immediately contact management. The manager may not be aware of the issue, which needs to be addressed immediately. If you are forced to find another sleeping accommodation, be sure to check your items in the luggage, before taking it into the room. Also, when you return home, you should follow the same practices. It could potentially help to keep your attire and personal items stored in plastic sealed bags throughout the trip.


Am I At Risk?


Everyone is at risk of getting bedbugs, especially if they attend sleepovers and travel. If you frequently play host to a large number of guests, you will also be at risk. Your guests may have recently stayed at a resort, hospital, or college dorm and may have bedbugs in their luggage, without their knowledge. After reading this article, you will definitely have the answer to the question above. Bedbugs in San Antonio should be no surprise to someone that frequently travels or hosts get-togethers.

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